Hypnosis Stage Shows

Hypnosis Stage Shows

“Leadership can be… HYPNO-LARIOUS”

frame #723; filename: 071004rockeagle183sp182.dngHypnotize your next audience with Patrick T. Grady’s hilariously funny, CLEAN hypnosis stage show. Imagine the entertainment and laughter provided with a world-class hypnosis presentation. Make your people stars of the show. Picture your friends, colleagues, associates, members or participants losing their inhibitions and traveling on a unique, adventurous journey through the realms of their imagination, while at the same time providing an unforgettable and entertaining experience for all in attendance.

Patrick will educate your audience about the power of the human mind and how and why hypnosis works.  His lightning-fast wit, showmanship, and versatility allow him to meet the needs of any audience. Every show is clean and appropriate as well as custom-designed for the audience in attendance. Your audience will be captivated, amazed and thrilled as volunteers are quickly hypnotized and then put into hilarious situations where they are extraordinarily creative, animated and just plain hysterical.

Contact us to arrange booking for a Hypno-larious experience for your group

It’s a show you can’t afford to miss; it’s simply HYPNO-LARIOUS!!

This program can be a great fundraiser for your organization.

frame #726; filename: 071004rockeagle183sp185.dngHow?  Numerous organizations have booked Patrick T. Grady to deliver a keynote presentation for their conferences or meetings followed by a highly-entertaining interactive stage hypnosis show. Patrick delivers the keynote presentation during your general session. The sponsoring organization sells tickets to a separate “Leadership can be . . . HYPNO-LARIOUS!” show.

Example: You have a 500-seat auditorium and sell 500 tickets for $10 ea (you determine your own ticket prices). Net Sales = $5,000.00
Pay the speaker/hypnotist fee and keep the difference.

Don’t do all the work yourself; empower others!  The sponsoring organization books the program, prints event tickets and sells tickets through pre-conference registration and on-site sales. They can then distribute tickets to members/directors to sell. Members sell tickets and can keep a percentage of sales for their organization.